No Matter Your Skill Level, Learn to Design, Build (and Actually Finish) All of Your Dream Projects

Woodworkers' Lab is specifically designed to help busy woodworkers, of all levels, learn to design, build 
(and actually finish) 
all of their dream projects, be part of a community of like-minded makers, and enjoy the satisfaction of creating..... 
....without a big shop full of tools or a ton of time.

Get access to our entire current and future library of project and training courses.

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What People Are Saying:

Hi, I'm Tommy Byers, creator of the Woodworker's Lab.

Over the last few years I've taught woodworking to millions of people all over the world on my Out of the Woodwork Youtube channel and website.

Tens of thousands of people, of all skill levels, have downloaded my detailed woodworking project plans.

I've always admired people who can take the smallest hint of an idea and turn it into an amazing, wooden, finished project. I used to think it was a superpower that you're born with, but I've come to realize that anyone with the motivation can learn to build just about anything they dream up. Or, build anything anybody else can dream up, for that matter.

Your desire to build and create may have started with a project you saw online or that someone sent you. Maybe you thought, "I could build that if I had the tools/time/space/plan" or "I wish I could build that". 

You have all of the common doubts:

"Where am I going to find the time?"

"What tools do I need?"

"Where do I start?"

"What do the measurements need to be?"

"Where do I find the space?"

And, you don't run around with a group full of woodworkers so there really isn't anyone you could ask to spend time showing you the ropes and checking your work.

Established and knowledgable woodworkers fight these same battles. Any time you spend in the shop feels like time away from some other responsibility. It's hard to enjoy designing and building a project without feeling guilty or rushed. And, maybe you're missing an important skill, here-and-there.

So, what does it take to be a hobbyist woodworker that enjoys your time in the shop and actually finishes projects that you're proud of?


First, you need to know basic skills. Woodworking is not a difficult hobby unless you try to skip learning how to use the tools and how to shape and join wood.


Then, you'll have to find time. In my experience most people have plenty of spare time it's just a matter of prioritizing what you do with that time.                    


You either need to know how to design your own projects or have projects that are explained to you in detail.



Finally, you need support. Simply, you need someone that you can ask questions or bounce ideas off of.


If you're missing just 1 of these 4 components, it's enough to prevent you from building the projects you daydream about.
It may even prevent you from ever finishing one project. 

I've been in this exact position, fighting with one or more of these issues.

That's why I started the Out of the Woodwork Youtube channel and website, and began teaching woodworking to millions of people all over the world.

That's also why I created something else...

...and I want to show it to you now:



Where busy woodworkers of all levels go to learn to build (and actually finish) all of their dream projects, be a part of a community of like-minded makers, and enjoy the satisfaction of creating...

....without a big shop of tools or a ton of time.

Training from beginner to advanced

...but not in a boring way. We learn by doing, so we'll build incredible projects together with limited tools as you learn basic skills, tips, and techniques.  

Saving Time 101

...we're going to focus on saving time in the shop, so you can build impressive projects, guilt-free, and still be present for the most important things in life.


Exclusive projects

...we’ll provide you with exclusive projects (at all skill levels) and other training, so you can become an all-around maker building your dream projects.

Accountability and support

...we’ll provide you with accountability, support, and community, from beginning to end, so you can actually FINISH the projects you start.

All 4 of these elements combine into something really special....


What's Inside This Membership?

As soon as you join Woodworker’s Lab, you’ll have instant access to some of the best woodworking projects, training, and community on the internet.

Full Beginner Course

The Woodworking Academy is my flagship beginner to intermediate course that will walk you through building 5 projects from beginning to end.

This course makes sure that no one is left behind. Learn all about the tools and accessories, and special techniques to actually finish your projects and make them look professional.

Saving Time 101

Saving Time 101 is my exclusive training on workflow and saving time in the shop. This training shows you how to build impressive projects, guilt-free.

We'll talk about everything from how to lay out your shop space for maximum efficiency to building techniques that will save you an immense amount of time. 

Full 3D Modeling Course

This course will teach you how to design your projects in this versatile 3D modeling software that has a robust free version. 3D modeling is the perfect way to turn the ideas in your head into a final, functional piece.

Modify the model until you get the exact look you want without wasting money on materials by trial-and-error. And, you’ll know all the measurements and parts you need.

Exclusive Projects & Training

With your Woodworker's Lab membership you'll have access to every current and future training and exclusive project. The projects will include plans, materials list, cut list, and step-by-step walkthrough videos, so you know exactly what to do in the shop…..and how to do it. 

The trainings will take you deeper into a woodworking skill or technique than you've ever been before and make sure you know it inside and out.

Live Q&A

You’ll be invited to the Woodworker’s Lab Live Q&A Hangout every month. Show up online, talk shop, and get your questions answered.

Not able to show up? No problem. Submit your questions and watch the recorded hangout later on.

Exclusive Community

The Woodworker's Lab membership invites you in to an exclusive community of like-minded makers.

In the Woodworker's Lab Community you can make friends, ask questions, participate in challenges, earn badges, and work your way up the leaderboards. And, no social media account required.

Resource Vault

Finally, you'll have access to the Woodworker's Lab "Resource Vault" that's filled with miscellaneous resources that will help you out in the shop.

Click to Get Instant Access

This membership is well worth that amount (and I think I'm actually being a little conservative).

But, you aren't going to have to pay near that amount.

You can become a member for just:


And, as a special bonus, if you pay for a year of the Woodworker's Lab membership upfront you will get my "Workspace Audit", completely free. A value of $499

The workspace audit is unlike anything seen in the woodworking space and it can be yours free.

After your 30 day guarantee period is past, Film a video on your phone walking through your workspace and show me as much as you can. Send that video along with measurements of your space and I'll model the floor plan in Sketchup with models of your tools and the tools you're thinking of getting in the future. I'll send you the floor plan and a short video explaining my thoughts on the layout of your space. You can even open it up in Sketchup and move the models around to try different layouts.

I'm also going to give you a free month of the Woodworker's Lab membership in addition to the workspace audit if you invest in a year of Woodworker's Lab, today.

If you're interested in joining this exclusive community, now is the time to do it.

You're also going to get my "No-brainer" guarantee.

Join the yearly plan today and you'll get 30 days to hang out, browse the projects and training, and get a feel for the Woodworker's Lab. If it's just not what you were looking for, send us an email and we'll refund your money.

If you're on the monthly plan, cancel at any time.

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Who Is This For?

We've talked about what Woodworker's Lab is all about, now I want you to be sure this membership is for you. Woodworker's Lab is for you if you can relate to any one of these statements:

  • You've always wanted to learn to build incredible woodworking projects
  • You want to learn how to find the time to build projects
  • You want to learn how to design your own projects
  • You want a steady stream of amazing projects to build and a step-by-step walkthrough and plan for each project
  • You want to learn more in-depth woodworking techniques
  • You want to meet some like-minded makers from all over the world to ask questions and talk shop

Join Woodworker's Lab Today For As Little As $39!



  • Access to the Woodworking Academy course (My flagship beginner to intermediate course with 5 amazing projects) ($199¬†value)
  • Access to Saving Time 101 (Build impressive projects, guilt-free) ($39¬†value)
  • Access to the Designing Woodworking Projects in Sketchup course - ($99¬†value)
  • Exclusive projects and training ($99/month value)
  • Live Q&A hangouts ($99/month value)
  • Exclusive Woodworker's Lab community with challenges, badges, and leaderboards ($99/month value)
  • Resource vault ($19/month value)
  • 30 Day Guarantee
  • Workspace Audit ($499 value)
  • Free Month ($29 value)



Best Value

  • Access to the Woodworking Academy course (My flagship beginner to intermediate course with 5 amazing projects) ($199¬†value)
  • Access to Saving Time 101 (Build impressive projects, guilt-free)¬†($39 value)
  • Access to the Designing Woodworking Projects in Sketchup course ($99 value)
  • Exclusive projects and training¬†($1188/year value)
  • Live Q&A hangouts¬†($1188/year value)
  • Exclusive Woodworker's Lab community with challenges, badges, and leaderboards¬†($1188/year value)
  • Resource vault¬†($228/year value)
  • 30 Day Guarantee
  • Workspace Audit ($499 value)
  • Free Month ($39 value)¬†

Money Back Guarantee

Try it out for 30 days and, if it's not what you're looking for, just send us an email and we'll refund your money. No hard feelings.

Now, you get to choose which path to take. Keep going down the path of wanting to be able to build and create the projects you daydream about, but never thinking you have the time or tools or space or knowledge or ability, to make them. 

Or, join the Woodworker's Lab and instantly have access to all of the training, projects, and support you need to make it happen. And, save some money by doing it today.

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